Thankfully, there’s a resolution within reach. All you need is the right strategy. That’s where I come in. You need help developing a strategy to cut costs, lower labor, and grow revenue. What you need is to Rent My Brain. When you Rent My Brain we work together to dive deep into your business to create solutions tailored to your needs. Solutions that work. Here’s How to Rent My Brain: Is this right for you?

Good question.

  • 30 minute initial intake call to discuss what YOU want to tackle in your session
  • 2 hour deep dive into where you are at, followed by a 90 min tailored-to-you coaching session. Follow along witha detailed strategy plancreated specifically for your business and the challenge you face as we get you on track for success
  • 30 minute follow-up AMA to answer any questions you have down the road
  • Fast-track Access to the very same freelance experts I’ve used to grow and build my own business- so you aren’t wasting time digging through job boards trying to find the perfect SMM, VA, or web developer

When you Rent My Brain you get access to my experience and hands-on help developing a strategy to grow your business. Here’s how it works:

So Who Is This For?

Before I share who this is for, I’m going to tell you who it’s NOT for. This isn’t for the Cinderella type. You can’t just keep doing the same thing and hope someone comes along to make it all better. This is for a QUEEN who takes control. Behind every great queen is no-nonsense strategy.

So who needs Rent My Brain ?

  • When everything looks GREAT on the outside…but the money isn’t there.

    Your social media is on-point. Customers pour into your shop nonstop and love what you do. So why are you still juggling credit cards and struggling to pay yourself? Being a successful entrepreneur does NOT mean working 12 hour days and not having enough to enjoy life. So why do so many businesses struggle behind the scenes? The truth is MOST entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table. hen you Rent My Brain , we take a deep look at your existing practices- your funnels, your pricing, your payroll, your automation practices- and find solutions that will bring in the kind of money your business should be generating.

  • You’re smart and savvy…but there’s something holding you back.

    As much as you like to pretend…you can’t separate work from life. Working women, especially high performing entrepreneurs, have more ‘tabs’ open than men. That can make it hard to understand our own roadblocks and find solutions. But work/life balance doesn’t have to be a myth. With Rent My Brain , I take a no-judgement look at your career path AND your life goals. Together, we’ll create a personal strategy that gives you the tools you need to find fulfillment in both.

  • You’re making BIG changes- and you need a SOLID strategy for success.

    Business is good…but big changes are on the horizon. Launching a new product? Rebranding your business? Approaching a new market? If you’re changing direction, Rent My Brain is the best route to success. I’ve been there. And so have the experts on my team. We know how to get the research you need for a clear, step-by-step approach to making your big goals happen.

If this sounds familiar, then you need my best selling service. You need to Rent My Brain. Why? Because business is complicated. A quick consult call doesn’t always get to the heart of a unique challenge. And it doesn’t give you enough time to fully understand the options you have for moving forward. On the other hand, most people don’t need one-on-one coaching once they’ve gotten off the ground. Rent My Brain is perfect for that in-between, when your situation can’t be solved by a one-size template. By tackling challenges together, you won’t be left wondering what the next step issaving you both time and money. Reserve Rent My Brain for a 50% deposit of XXXX here.


  • Don’t worry- I’m here for YOU. I want you to succeed! That’s why this service comes with a follow-up 30 min AMA after you have time to start implementing your strategy.
  • And, if something comes up, just reach out! We’ll tackle it together.

  • If you have a great strategy but something is holding you back, Rent My Brain isn’t the best service for you. But I can still help you move forward.