I was overweight, judgmental, suffered from ADD, a divorced single mom, and working twice as hard as I needed to instead of understanding the value of working smart.

Despite These Limitations, I Built Myself Into A ProFItable Brand That I Love. And now I’m helping women just like yourself do the same.

I’ve made mistakes. We all have. That’s why I don’t hide them. I had a nasty public divorce. I didn’t let it define me. Instead I grew from it. Now, my life is now defined by two things.



You get it. I’m driven. But it’s more than that. I want to live the most authentic and richest life possible, whether that means building a new business, taking off 6-months to learn, or traveling the country for content or to produce shows.


I’ve got a passion for life, growth, and bringing my experience to other people to help them build the lives they want. Thats where my Super Power lies and That’s why I’m starting this new project.

How It All Started

I’ve got a passion for life, growth, and bringing my experience to other people to help them build the lives they want. Thats where my Super Power lies and That’s why I’m starting this new project.

You don’t have to feel that way anymore. You don’t have to take under paying jobs, be with men you don’t love, or suffer to feel safe. I get it. Women were hit by the loss of available high paying jobs back in 2009. I still see it in effect today everywhere I look. Women still struggle to get by taking low paying jobs that belittled the experience and talent they had. They don’t have to, and neither do you.

I like to leverage knowledge, experience, relationships, and help you find personal power to build the life you dream of. Here’s a peek at just some of things I’ve enjoyed and experienced in my life.

  • One of the youngest executive producers, who maintains ownership of my catalogue syndicating it worldwide
  • Coached fortune 500 clients to increase their success and revenue as a
    business consultant
  • Emmy nominated Producer
  • Brokered an Exclusive arrangement with HSN to sell my own products
  • Became a Professional athlete at the age of 44
  • Often an On Air Guest Expert for Today, Discovery ID and other nationally syndicated programs

But don’t mistake me for a workaholic. I’m not. I’m a passionate person whose passions extend beyond work. I’m a dedicated (and slightly helicopter) mom of two, a determined former professional athlete who broke the mold by entering the sport at age of 44, a voracious reader, I have the most amazing friends and sisters and I’m an
insatiable experience junky

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What Monica Does

I help women transform their lives by guiding them to build thriving businesses they love. I help you accomplish this by tapping into my years of experience as an industry insider in multiple businesses to help women, and particularly women of color overcome self-limiting beliefs, business barriers, and social friction to achieve their dreams.

I accomplishes this by:

  • Offering you the highest quality content to help you get started right now.
  • Publishing FREE high-quality content you can use to immediately impact your life and business
  • Getting RADICALLY clear on exactly what they need to do to succeed and what to Stop doing
  • Bringing together like-minded women to create accountability in powerful mastermind groups
  • Helping women build the teams they need to succeed in any environment
  • Private one-on-one coaching to 10X business growth
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Why Monica Is Right For You!

Did you know more women than ever are striking out and starting their own businesses? The problem is over 90% fail in the first 5-months. And when they fail, they fail big. They lose their savings, their time, and in the worst cases, everything they own.

Why do they fail? They fail because they get overwhelmed doing things they aren’t good at, focusing on the wrong things, or not having the absolutely necessary Planning it takes to set up and maintain a business. If you want a realistic approach to owning your own business, Monica is right for you.

We will Explore:

  • Why you’re afraid to take the next step into your greatness.
  • Your relationship to money and what effect it has on your bottom line
  •  Your habits, places you procrastinate and your core beliefs
  • Your personal life and is it set up to allow you the time and energy to run a successful business
  • A realistic Timeline and Budget to Reach your Goal

I’ll let you in on a little secret…Part of my success comes from the understanding of who I am as an entrepreneur. By knowing what type of entrepreneur you are, you can focus on doing the things that grow your success. The key to success is coming to terms with where you are, but not letting that settle where you are meant to be. Start your journey to the next level by discovering what type of ‘Entrepreneur Queen’ you are.