But you know the truth: Your personal life affects your success. Your career. Your business. You need to Get Unstuck. What it means to Get Unstuck. At this point you know well-intentioned advice from a good friend or a loving partner isn’t what you need to dominate the boardroom. Your career isn’t a casual eekend stroll, it’s a high-intensity playoff. You want to be on the top of your game! I can help. Here’s how. I’m not your mom. I’m not your friend. I’m your coach. I’m here to help you identify your real hold-up and get back on track with objective, experttraining. We all face challenges. But are yours right for Get Unstuck ? If you’re a  asual who just wants to bitch about how someone else isn’t pulling their weight, this isn’t for you. 

Get Unstuck is for…

  • Women Who Are Ready to Face Their Fears

    Do you undercharge, pump out killer work, and still feel like you ‘aren’t good enough’?
    Do you look at your Instagram and see a complete stranger?
    Our internal challenges, our crippling self-doubt, keeps us from living the life we deserve. Let’s fix the internal dialogue that’s holding you back- and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

  • Do-Everything Queens Who Need Help Reclaiming Their Territory

    You spend every waking moment taking care of everything and everyone…EXCEPT yourself.
    Don’t worry. I’m not just going to tell you to do some yoga and focus on self-care. That’s exactly the “advice” that isn’t helpful when you are already drowning.
    Instead, let’s take a hard look at your process, your schedule, and your chronic problem of always saying “yes”. I’ll help you create systems, find ways to automate tasks, and implement processes that will let you breathe again.

  • Ladies That Want Objective Expertise…Not WooWoo Advice.

    I’m here to coach, not to coddle. I specialize in giving you strategies based in my decades of experiences as a corporate television producer and an self-made entrepreneur.
    If you’re feeling unmotivated and can’t figure out why…
    …If you’re going through a divorce and don’t know how to rebuild…
    …If you are frustrated with your professional image but don’t know how to create an authentic self that gets the respect you crave…
    I’m the coach for you.

If this sounds familiar, you need Get Unstuck. Why? Because even executive-level boss babes get too-close to the problem to see the solution. You need an outside perspective. Someone who has coached hundreds of professional women on how to take charge of their situation, get back on track, and win themselves a life they love.

Here’s How to Get Unstuck:

When you reserve Get Unstuck… you get

  • Three, 1 hour phone/video chat sessions, scheduled over a six-week period, covering
    your specific hang-up

  • Priority 5 min brag access- call or text to share your wins as you implement your new

  • Unlimited email correspondence with priority response over this six week period

Reserve Get Unstuck for a payment of XXXX here.


  • Get Unstuck is formatted to tackle a single issue holding you back- or a hurdle you want
    to move through.
  • But you’re right. Sometimes solving one thing reveals a deeper problem...or a bigger
  • If you need more than Get Unstuck , I also offer ongoing 1on1 Coaching to tackle your
    biggest ambitions and challenges.
  • Click here to discover how 1on1 Coaching will help you grow into your long-term