Here’s how:

I chose to be a single mother. I worked my way up the corporate ladder behind-the-scenes in television, working behind amazing women like Oprah, until making it front and center as an anchor on Oxygen Network. I invented a product and started a company called MomsMadeEasy. I faced my fears and sold it myself on HSN. I faced my grief when the company folded because I couldn’t keep up with demand. I kept going. Does this really matter? In the world of business coaching…YES. You want to find a business coach who has been there. Who knows the frustrations that come from friends, family, and naysayers. You are ready to blaze your own trail, create a major career shift, or start a dream business all your own. The problem is most business coaches have NO IDEA what this means IRL. I do. But- am I the best business coach for you?

Good question.

Answer me this. Are you YOU or THEM?

  • You: Risking all you’ve got- your reputation, your hard-won savings account, your nest egg- to start a business and make an impact.

  • Them: Some book-smarts backed by a generous family investment portfolio and a desire to look good to their brunch friends.

  • You: Experience you’ve fought for, ambitions you’ve honed, and a fierce drive to make the life you deserve.

  • Them: Playing #bossbabe, but you know, only when they feel like it.

  • You: Need a business coach who has been there. Someone to help you get ahead, someone to point you down the most direct path, someone who can give you the connections you need to shatter that glass ceiling!

  • Them: “ Umm…yeah. Glass ceilings suck. I remember once when my nanny quit without notice. I had to cancel my flight to Cancun. It was *really* inconvenient.”

If this sounds like YOU, I can help. Here’s how. With 1on1 Coaching , I back you up every step of the way with 1 hour weekly voice or video chat sessions for 12 weeks. There’s no quick fix for big dreams. With 12 weeks of coaching, we’ll be able to review where you’re at, where you want to go, and I’ll be with you as you take charge of every step. Reserve your 12 Week, 1on1 Coaching with a deposit of XXXX here.


  • 1on1 Coaching is a great way to book my expertise at a bulk rate. I typically make space for up to five ongoing clients.
  • After your first twelve weeks, we’ll get together and see if ongoing coaching is right for you.

  • 1on1 Coaching is formatted for major life changes- career changes, start-ups, and major business transitions.
  • Your current challenge might not need this type of ongoing, hands-on approach.
  • If you have a single issue to tackle, I recommend Rent My Brain.
  • Click here to discover how Rent My Brain gives you solid strategies to pivot your business- and yourself- for success.